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Mobile Laser Tag


Want to play mobile laser tag in your own backyard! This is a perfect system for introducing young players to the sport of paintbal  laser tag without the pain or mess. indoors or outdoor set ups available..



Product Description

The sport of mobile laser tag is one of the world's most exciting "extreme" participation activities. Laser Tag is played by over 5 million teens and adults in the U.S. alone and in 100+ countries worldwide. Everyone is drawn to it for the adrenaline-pumping action and thrill of team-on-team competition. Mobile Laser Tag is the new realistic way to play paintball without the mess or the pain! Unlike traditional paintball and other laser tag systems, Paintball Laser Tag can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

  Pricing varies depending on indoor or outdoor event, size of crowd, weekday or weekend party, with pop-up obstacles or inflatable bunkers, with game truck or without, with archery tag or without.  Please call Party-on Rentals, LLC for special pricing.

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Mobile paintball Laser tag is available for parties, events, fundraisers, schools, corporate team building, festivals or anytime you want to have a good time with a group of friends.

We can even set up indoors! Conference rooms, gymnasiums or outdoors in the woods, an open field, a park...even at the beach!

mobile laser tag Mobile Laser Tag Mobile Laser Tag Command  Center

mobile laser tag Mobile Laser Tag night laser tag

The Barracuda System is a lightweight, compact system suitable for even the youngest of players. This system removes the need for CO2 to operate while still using a real paintball marker just like the big guys. Infrared (IT) Laser Barrel is permanently attached to the paintball marker. Radio Frequency (RF) receivers are permanently attached to the ball feed elbo of the paintball marker. Laser is activated by electronics in the paintball marker when the trigger is pulled. The receiver that is hit by the laser arrel, relays back to the other receiver who was shot. The receiver shows the # of shots, # of hits, and the # of players eliminated. Lights and sounds advises the player when a hit is made and who has been hit or eliminated. The command center operator can control time, #of shots, and lives for each system and game. The command center module makes set up and tracking the game easy to do. Players at the end of the game can see statistics and be able to go online to track results.

Our Laser Tag Parties include:

- 16 Tippman Barracuda Laser Tag markers (We rotate players every 4- minutes so, even with a larger crowd, everybody gets to play numerous games!) approx 150 per hour.

- Optional 16 Custom Barriers in varying shapes and sizes (for shielding from the "enemy")

-Laser lighting for night operations - outside or indoor

-Laser tag music

Standard Pop up tent obstacles

- Trailler Mounted Tippman Control Center that allows instant feedback and rankings for players (tent provided if trailer cannot fit at home or event)

- A Game Coach who runs the Laser Tag games

-A Safety Coach you enforces the rules

- All Set-Up, Tear-Down and Cleanup!




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