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  • Portable bowling alley

Portable Bowling Alley


Wow a Portable Bowling Alley just for me! Do you mean I can have my own bowling tournament for my birthday party in my own back yard? Of course you can.

Product Description

This Portable Bowling Alley rental is the rental for your party or event withought going to a bowling ally, why not make one your self. This unit comes equipped with 4-7ft. bowling lane Sections Built-in Gutter and Ball Return, Padded ball and pin catch, Ten pin setting station, Regulation size poly pins, 1 - 5lb rubber bowling ball, and 1 - 2.5lb rubber bowling ball, scorecards, Ball & Pin Accessories bag. This is a great rental for schools and churches. No electronics but uses humans to reset pins with our easy pin setter in less than 10 seconds.

Portable Bowling Alley Package Features:
Bowling Lanes are 48 Inches wide x7 ft long= 28 ft total.
Solid wood construction
Premium hardwood flooring
Specialized gutter for bowling and ball return
Level surface required. Grass surface is fine if leveled.
Set up time: 15-30 minutes - 2 persons



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