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  • Trackless_Train

Trackless Train Ride


Our Trackless Train ride is going to be a hit with your kids birthday party or event.  Reserve you train today!

199.00 first hour (100 each additional hour)

Product Description

Its the trackless train ride. Kids will flock to this ride. noi one can resist this amusement ride.  comes with conductor and fuel.

This is sure to attract the kids and parents.  A great memory for any occasion? All aboard the Patriotic Express trackless train ride!  Kidswill love riding the trackless train as it takes them for ourand the parimeter. This trackless train ride requires no tracks giving our conductor the freedom to travel just about anywhere. It is a realistic version of a real train. The train can ride on cement, asphalt, grass or pavement surfaces.

The Patriotic Express serves the entire South Carolina Region with some of the best family entertainment available. Not just a kid’s ride, the Patriotic Express Trackless Train Ride was custom built to accommodate adults, making it a true family attraction. Engineer Dan DeCosmo will entertain riders with comedy, train songs and inspirational routines like the little train that could. If you’re looking for unique family entertainment for your next event, to make your next event one to remember. This Trackless train ride with our 3 6 passenger ATV trailers can be used not only as a family entertainment ride, but to give tours of your event or as a shuttle capable of transporting up to 18 passengers. We offer several types of services. We hire out by the hour for Festivals, Birthday parties, school, church or corporate events.

We will pay a vendor fee and work your event or work your event on commission. The best part about it all – aside from the quality of our service – is the fact that we create excitement and family fun in a safe environment, making your event one to remember.

199.00 first hour and 100 each additional hour.


trackless train ride Trackless Train Ride Trackless Train Uncle Sammytrackless train ride Trackless Train Ride Trackless  train ATV

Mileage rates may apply outside of Columbia. Reserve your trackless train ride today!


Trackless Train Ride trackless train ride Trackless Train Ride Trackless Train Uncle Sammy


Mechanical Trackless Train clip